Before Green Gables

I read Before Green Gables (by Budge Wilson) in Japanese translation and found significant discrepancies with the animated TV series in terms of the story: the TV series replaced most of the episodes in the book, added some and removed those around Anne's birth and her parents' death. While this seems OK as both are derived works, I do not figure out why some good episodes should have been removed.
I also found the character design isn't consistent with the description in the novel. In the novel, some people are depicted as more 'handsome' than in the TV series. For example, while Mr. Thomas and his sons are depicted as handsome in the novel, they aren't in the TV series (I found their design rather 'sloppy'). Miss Henderson (19 years old in the novel) is also described as 'beautiful' (OK, again, beauty is in the eye of the beholder).

* The novel reminded me of Kitaro for its 'ghastliness' of her parents' and other people's deaths.
* Mrs Hammond was 24 years old when her husband died... but you can never tell: Bright Noah was only 19....


  1. Regarding the character-designs, I actually like how the creators went with more down-to-earth ones instead of making everyone extremely pretty. We've got enough of those in anime. ;)

    But yeah, this reshuffling of episodes explains the up-and-down quality of the anime: sometimes it fits, but at others it SO totally doesn't.


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