Globish (discussed here) is yet another simplified or controlled English proposed by M. Jean-Paul Nerrière, which uses a subset of standard English grammar and a list of 1500 English words.

M. Nerrière argues that the use of English is intimidating for non-native speakers and therefore the use of Globish, a poorer version of English, has a merit in businesses with non-native speakers of English.

I wonder how such a language would be established as a controlled language.  One way would be developing an examination similar to TOEIC and course materials for it so that non-native speakers would regard it as the international business language standard.  (cf. One established controlled English is Simplified Technical English used in aerospace industry.)

M. Nerrière says that speaking native English may not be good for business as it does not communicate well with non-native speakers.  I think a native speaker should not be forced to speak Globish but mind well for better communication by always confirming the person s/he is talking to has been understanding what has been said if s/he wants establish a good business relation.

(I believe simply poor English wouldn't be good for communication, of course, though it may be regarded as Globish in some definition, and mastering Globish as a controlled English wouldn't be an easy task.  I also believe the vocabulary should be open, as in Simplified Technical English, as a new word can always be accommodated by asking what it means.)

Startrek becomes much less intelligible for a non-native speaker (=me) when protagonists supposedly from North America start to speak each other.  It's fine otherwise or even better when humans speak with aliens while their speech is filled with jargons...


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